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Looking For More Parenting Energy? Try This!

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Running a Home daycare and being the a mother of a 16 month old and a 3 year old can be pretty tiring...

It almost seems like the job never ends...Well until my kids take a nap or go to bed at night ;)

It was a MUST for me to find ways to keep my energy levels up!

I wanted to be engaged with the daycare children and MY children after the daycare children leave. I also wanted to have enough energy to wake up early in the morning, prepare meals plus stay up later to clean!

Below is a list of things I practice to help me stay energized through out the day!

1. Intermittent Fasting

Now, when I heard the word fasting in the past(except for spiritual reasons) I would run!

I used to think we HAD to eat 5 meals a day.... BF, snack, Lunch, snack, and dinner.

However, as I continued to do my own research this idea of fasting intermittently to maintain energy levels kept popping up!

Here's why I decided to give it a try...Digestion is a function of our bodies that takes energy. I thought simply: "If I am using energy to digest several times a day maybe if I eat less often I will have more energy to spare!"

Note: There are SO many ways to intermittent fast! A simple google search and you will be overwhelmed with information of this topic!

Below is what I do:

-I drink 10 oz cup of black coffee when I wake up.

-I start eating around 12pm

-I STOP eating around 7pm

***I am not a health expert in ANY way please consult your doctor before starting any new style of eating***

Intermittent fasting also saved me tons of time! I was no longer preparing myself 5 meals a day! So naturally I saved time! I also noticed I had tons of mental focus and clarity during the times I was fasting.

**Note you probably will not feel super focused and clear once you start intermittent fasting as your body will be used to eating at a certain time but, if you hang in there you might began to feel more energized***


We all knew this was coming!

No need to go on and on....Just drink more Water, ok!

Personally, if I do not drink at least 32oz of water along with my herbal tea and other beverages I drink during the day...The next day I am exhausted! I feel like I need to nap when my daycare kids go down for one!


Not to hop on the whole gluten free bandwagon...Yet when I took out gluten AND dairy from my diet I had SOOOOOO much more energy!

I haven't been tested for these allergies. However, as I did my research I noticed I had all the symptoms of gluten and dairy sensitivity!

Including; stomach cramps, bloating, brain fog and tiredness.

So I decided to give it a try! Little did I know how well it would boost my energy levels!

After removing gluten and dairy from my diet I began to notice I wasn't crashing after all of my daycare kids left for the day!

I even had energy to do zumba after work!

****Good news! I still have dairy and gluten on occasion!

If I drink about a table spoon of apple cider vinegar BEFORE I have dairy or gluten, I notice I can handle dairy and gluten it in small amounts without the symptoms!***


As a parent and a daycare provider I always have plans for my kids and my daycare kids!

Yet, when dealing with 1, 2, 3 and 4 year olds things don't always go to plan...THAT'S OK!

I had to begin to ask myself these questions BELOW. Then, let go of my plan and try again the next day!

-Are the children safe?

- Did they eat something?

- Did I still care for them? (Did diapers get changed? ;) ect...)

The Answers to these questions was ALWAYS yes!

So I decided not to worry so much!

Since the children's needs are always met, I had to let go of the frustration of not accomplishing every extracurricular activity I planned. Holding on to the disappointment was very tiring!

I realized when I was able to breathe, let somethings go, and take care of my body...I had a lot more energy!

What are somethings that help you with your energy levels as a parent or child care provider?

Leave your comments below!



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