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Start A Home Day Care

Geared towards Starting a licensed home daycare in Texas

Looking to start a home day care in Texas? Well this blog post is for you!

As a stay at home mother with a dream of starting a daycare I had A LOT of questions and very few ways to get answers. Now, as an established owner of a licensed child care business I wanted to share the information I learned along the way.

**I DO NOT work for DFPS or Child Care Licensing! Keeping up to date with the minimum standards is VITAL to a successful child care business and whether you keep your listing, registration, license or not**

This is here to help others who may be interested in starting a home daycare themselves or even going off to open a licensed child care center!

For this post We will be focusing on How to Become a LICENSED child care home in Texas!

****Note Child Care Licensing May have made updates since this blog was created...Please check the CCL website for more information!****

So....Lets get started!

1. Decide what level of care you'd like to provide.

- Do you want to be listed? caring for max 3 children with no inspections.

- Do you want to be registered receiving inspections every 2 years or

- Do you want your home licensed receiving yearly inspections (I always recommend getting licensed,if you are able!)

Click here for more info!

- Getting licensed allows you to care for the maximum amount of children in care! At this time the maximum is 12 children under the age of 13

- It also makes your daycare credible to new families!

2. Check Background standards!

There is a chart provided on the CCL TX website!

CCL Website Has Tons of Information! See Criminal History Chart Highlighted on the left!

As I remember, if you do not have a history of abuse or neglect charges, yet you have ANY criminal history (non violent misdemeanor/felony) you will have the option to complete a risk evaluation. A risk evaluation is another step in the background check process that will have to be completed and approved by CCL TX in order to operate or work in your day care. *This goes for anyone you hire as well*

- Risk evaluations include (but are not limited to; )

- – 3 reference letters

- An account of the offense

- & Official Documentation from the County/ District’s Clerk Office

- More may be included ( Child Care Back grounds office will contact you if this step is needed once your background check has been submitted.)

2. Complete the required Training


-CPR/First Aid

-Directors Credential/Day Care Administrators Credential

----All levels of care whether listed, registered or licensed require CPR training so get this first! (CPR/First Aid Certifications last about 2 years)

-----Go to the CCL TX website and complete your orientation or sign up for one! Do this here!

----For licensing you will need to qualify as a Director and receive certification.

To Qualify as a Director You MUST have: At least 2 years experience in the child care field & CPR/First Aid Training.

The EASIEST way is to simply take a Director's Credential AKA a Day Care Administrators course, this can be costly ranging between $350-$500.

I took mine online at Elite Educational Enterprises

There are also a combination of college courses/hours that can help you qualify as a Director.

Contact your local Child Care Licensing office for more information!

3. Get your Home Ready for Kiddos! - Review the minimum standards

Magnectic Chalk board painted on wall at Child's Heritage home day care

*Your initial inspection occurs not too long after you submit your application to Texas Child Care licensing!*

- See CCL minimum standards here

- Start Child proofing! cabinets..drawers..anchoring furniture

- You will need a fire extinguisher and other equipment like fencing to block A/C unit

- Move furniture around!

- Collect toys, games

- Collect Pack and plays or cribs for infants

I recommend at least STARTING the process of getting your home ready before you submit your application! It takes time to get things in order!

- If you are renting it is a good idea to get permission from your land lord...However, in my experience most land lords DO NOT want licensed daycares run out of there homes...Doesn't hurt to ask!

For your first inspection you must be ready as if you will be caring for children that day...even if you have no children in care!

- if you are missing somethings after your first inspection, The CCL inspector will return to verify it is fixed. However this delays the process a little.

4. Submit your Application.

-You can submit your application online here

- There are fees associated with this

-This is when you will submit all background checks

- All family members 13 and up must have background checks on file!


Pictures say a thousand words!...really!

Websites now a days for businesses are a MUST! I can go on and on about the importance...I'll save it for another blog :)

- This is made easy now with the help of website starters

- I used and still do!

6. LASTLY....

DO NOT BE AFRAID! You CAN do this!

- Reach out to your local child care office! They will walk you through the process!

- They are extremely helpful as they WANT daycares to become listed/registered or licensed! This helps to keep children protected!

I'd LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave a question or a comment below!

Additional Information/ Helpful links!

Click Here for a list of Local Child Care Licensing Offices!



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